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What a vaccine means for travel

It appears 2020 will end on a good note with the current wave of COVID vaccines being approved and distributed across the world. This is great news for the travel industry and the Travel Agent profession. But many agents are wondering...Now what?

While the vaccine is clearing the way for travel, it is time for Savvy Travel Pros to get their Sales/Marketing efforts in place to regain market share. This is an opportunity to set up for the coming year and capitalize on the coming resurgence of travel.

Prior to the completion of Q1 your agency HAS to have a dynamic marketing plan in place that is already ranked and ready for distribution. These channels include Website, Content, Social, Paid Ads, SEO, in person events, E-Mail campaigns, and direct phone outreach.

Keep in mind the market has fundamentally changed. Not for better or worse, but it will just be different as we come out of this Pandemic. Client behavior will not follow the same patterns before, and we are still not sure what the changes will be. That can only be identified by studies over time. But what we have seen are clients are placing more emphasis on safety from Departure to Arrival, not solely being focused on the safety of their destination.

The time to plan is now, when the recovery wave in 2021 arrives, it will be too late to capture.

Feel free to contact us directly for all of your Travel Agency marketing needs at or (208) 918-1253. We can look at your marketing plans and provide feedback on where your opportunities are.

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