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Top 5 ways to drive travel business NOW!

2020 will get its own chapter when the history of the travel industry is written. No one was spared globally from suppliers to Travel Agencies. However, with the roll out of the COVID vaccine proceeding across the US, clients are starting to look for travel destinations again. This is being reflected in the TSA Check point travel numbers which are steadily increasing.

The end is in sight, it is time to climb out of the fox hole you built in 2020's and start to work towards generating revenue again. We put together a top 5 ways to effectively start building your client’s appetite for travel while still taking advantage of the depressed pricing most suppliers are providing.

1. Email Marketing – A staple of every Agent and Agency is the ability to continuously contact clients to remind them about your services. Providing information regarding COVID protocols, travel opportunities, and destination information not only begins to plant the seed of travel, but also highlights your professionalism and understanding of the situation.

2. Social Media – #TBT is a great place to start! We all do a great job of documenting our latest FAM or the time we enjoyed an industry event. Make sure to remind your clients of how amazing travel is visually. Sometimes clients get so bogged down by the day to day in their lives we need to remind them of how much there is to explore in the world.

3. Website Refresh – When was the last time the content on your website was updated? There is nothing worse than putting the effort into a great marketing plan, only to have the client not convert due to poor or outdated website content. Be sure your content, specials, blog, photos, etc are all current and functioning.

4. Create a 2021 Marketing Plan – Feel free to reuse your 2020 plans and strategic efforts for 2021! Update your events, re-schedule your virtual plans, and revisit your marketing dollars. This is a great time to showcase your creativity to your clients for virtual parties and travel presentations.

5. Contact your suppliers – This is one that gets overlooked often. Many suppliers have marketing banks, giveaways, social media assets, and more. Be sure to capitalize on those tools as a low-cost way to encourage your clients to start booking again.

All key indicators are pointing to recovery in the travel industry. Be sure to refocus your efforts to capture market share. This is great time to build your digital marketing footprint!

**As always, if you need any help with your digital marketing efforts the 208Agency has plans that start at $100 that are proven to see a 10x return on client acquisition. We specialize in designing programs for any budget. For more information email us at: for a FREE initial strategic marketing plan**

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